Phil Leopold

Phil Leopold has served as President since founding Medical Murray with his son, Andy Leopold, in 1996. 

Over his 20 years at Medical Murray, Phil has helped hundreds of medical device companies, inventors and entrepreneurs design, develop and commercialize intricate medical devices, implantables and insert molded components used for minimally invasive procedures. He also provides overall strategic direction including financial and operational management of the company's four facilities nationwide. 

Prior to launching Medical Murray, Phil was President of Bucher, Inc. where he led all sales and engineering of injection molding machines and turnkey manufacturing systems for North America. Prior to this, Phil served as General Manager for Dresser Industries where he engineered and developed fiber reinforced plastic products used by chemical, technology and medical industries. 

Phil holds an MBA from Kent State University, a Master of Science in Material Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nebraska.